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AUTO MAG company was established in November 1993. Our first car was DAF and a first client Transforwarding Poland - Shipping. Thank to this company we found out how customs agencies operate and how to provide services to them. During such a long time of functioning on the market we gained an outstanding transportation experience. This has been supported by contracts we signed with many production companies of world standards.

Next company we work for is Raflatac Poland Sp. z o.o. - leading on the national market manufacturer of adhesive paper. We also provide our services to Cargoforte Sp z o.o. - the only representing company of Uti (one of the biggest worldwide shipping company).

During these years we have worked for Bantex Poland, International Paper, Rzeczpospolita, P&O European Polska Sp. z o.o., Nordisk, Avis and many more. These companies have strong positions not only on a Polish market but they are also potentates in their own trades.

The fact that we are able to fulfill expectation is our additional motivation to improve the quality of our services. Development of our company we have submitted to the requirements set for transport companies by European Union and Our Legislator:


(The Act on Road Transport, 6. 09.2001. -Act no. 125 (1371) )


  • Concession to offer services nationally and internationally
  • Certificate of professional competence
  • Each car fulfiling EURO Ecological Norms requirements.
  • Financial security for each owned car (from 01.01.2003 this security will be 6000 EURO for the first car and 2000 EURO for each next).